Friday, November 18, 2011

McMuffin with a side of cruelty, anyone?

I am seeing posts all over the internet about the McDonald's McMuffin egg source. 


Here's a link to the ABC news video: 

With all I have read about fast food and the many issues involving unsanitary conditions & animal cruelty (KFC anyone?, it makes me wonder....
Why do people still eat so much fast food?
Does our addiction to the "flavor" and convenience outweigh the importance of our health and of animal rights (they may be used as food, but no reason to torture them in the process!) ?

Think about it.
How are you nourishing yourself when you eat fast food?

You are only momentarily satisfying a hunger...there is little to no nutritional value in common fast food items.

If you do opt for fast food, why not go for Subway or even Panera Bread ?( unfortunately we who cannot eat gluten cannot eat there).

More fast food rants later.

Me personally?
I'd rather have some grilled chicken, steamed asparagus & brown rice for dinner.... (it only takes 20-25 minutes to make, how long did you wait in the drive thru line?)
but that's just me.


*These are all just personal opinions of the blogger. Blogger is not associated with McDonalds, KFC, ABC, or PETA in any way.*

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