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Are You Drinking Dead Water?

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My Hubby and I have been giving Baby A bottled spring water, she has never drank a glass of fluoridated water from the tap. Fluoride is a whole post in and of itself so we won't get into that right now.

However, we initially started doing this to avoid the fluoride so that she wouldn't ruin her body with toxins that are in tap water.

We have a PUR Faucet filter, and while it is better than Brita, it still does not remove fluoride. 
Hubby and I have been drinking out of the PUR filter for a few years now. Before that we had a PUR pitcher which filters out less than the 3 stage faucet filter ( there are some PUR filters don't that filter out the pharmaceuticals).

Unfortunately, we were unaware that our water wasn't live healthy nourishing water, although it was a bit less toxic as the chlorine and some pharmaceuticals were filtered out. 

I am so happy that we made the decision when Baby A was born that we were only giving her the purest water available to us. It turns out that we were onto something with that :) 

Hubby and I are in the process of switching ourselves over to spring water too. We are drinking bottled spring water from the store as that is what is available to us right now. We do not have springs close by us. In the meantime, we are saving the jugs from our store bought spring water for when we can make a trip up to a spring to get some really good spring water.

What made us decide to switch to spring water?

I have been reading a lot about how reverse osmosis literally strips water, and I am so glad that we did not go with that, it removes absolutely everything...even the good stuff. The PUR filter doesn't remove enough of the bad stuff  ( AKA fluoride!).

I ran into a video by Daniel Vitalis who is INCREDIBLY knowledgeable on this topic ( and many others).   

Here is his video:

 Please watch this video, it is super interesting and informative!
I have done a lot of other watching of videos and reading up on water and I am thoroughly convinced that spring water is the way to go.
Unfortunately the stuff from the supermarket is not as good as the stuff straight from the spring, but it is better than tap, bottled regular water, stripped RO water,  or filtered water.

I will be writing more about our spring water journey!  I hope that you will follow along! We are eagerly anticipating our first trip to the closest springs to us. They are a bit of a drive but will be every bit worth it.

If you are looking for a spring near you, he has set up a great website ( which they are re-doing so it will be even better) for finding a spring near you!

Check it out. 
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So if you offer me a glass of plain tap water and I turn it down, please don't be offended, I am not a water snob, I am just taking care of my body in the best possible way I can.
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I am so happy to be learning more and more. Water is the life force that moves through us, it nourishes every cell of our bodies, it makes up who we are. Don't you want the best quality of water nourishing your body?

not my photo, image googled from around the web.

Leave comments below telling me what water you drink and what steps  you want to take to drink even better water....and why. I would love to hear your thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


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