Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spicy Kale Chips [Recipe]!

Before I became healthy I used to love to eat potato chips...or really any  chips that I could get a hold of.
Now I wouldn't go near them, wouldn't even dream of it.

There is a healthier way!

You've gotta try these.


Organic Baby Kale (1 bunch or 1/3 of a container)
Cayenne Pepper
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.

Make sure that your kale has been washed and is dry.

Place your kale in a bowl.

(Optional: you can rip off the stems if you like, but I leave them on)

Drizzle with 1 tsp. olive oil.

Sprinkle cayenne ( or red) pepper to taste.

(Optional: If you do not like spicy you can substitute sea salt in place of the pepper)

Spray your baking sheet with olive oil or nonstick spray.

Lay the kale on the sheet evenly, doesn't have to be perfect, just do your best.

Bake for 17-20 min.

If you preheated, try 17 min. If you forgot to turn the oven on, go closer to 20 min.

Take the kale off the baking sheet with a spatula and place in a bowl to cool. 

Once they are cool:
Eat or transfer to a baggy to enjoy later on!

These are Baby A's favorite snack. Hubby and I like them too!

Have you made kale chips before?
Did you like them?
What type of seasoning do you use on your kale?

I would love to hear from you!

Be Happy Healthy and Strong,


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I've been wanting to try kale chips to get myself started on healthy snacking. I'll have to try this recipe. ~ Emily Luke

  2. Very interesting! I am going to share this recipe with my Slim by the Summer group on Facebook :)
    Thank you Lolli!!


  3. I have never heard of them. I want to adopt a healthier lifestyle so I will try them out. Thanks.

  4. I gain 5 pounds over the holidays. Clients were trying to get rid of candy and gave it to me and of course, it ended up in my tummy. I am down 3 pound and I have been eating healthfully so I might have to try this. It seems so easy to make.