Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Favorite [Natural] Stain Solution!

I have tried everything from vinegar to Dawn to lemon juice & hydrogen peroxide....Baby A's clothes were so stained I couldn't get the stains out.
I refuse to use Shout or any other "chemical" commercial stain remover. I don't wish to place these toxins on the clothing that sits so near to her skin.
Baby A is an active toddler who enjoys the dirt, loves to smash her food into her clothing despite wearing a bib, and is always finding some way to stain her clothing. I think that it is wonderful she is so adventurous, and do not worry about being overprotective of her clothing.

However, I really wanted to get the stains out.

Borax is my solution...and it is working quite well. 

I still use the vinegar and peroxide for the smaller stains, but Borax has been a lifesaver on the big stains.

I just use a scoopful ( I use an old protein powder scooper, it works great!) to warm water in my wash ( I switch to cold once I get enough warm in there to dissolve it), then add in my laundry soap and wash! It is that easy!

What are your stain solutions?

Have you tried Borax? Do you like it?

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


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