Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Nighttime Cloth Diapering Solution!

When we first brought Baby A home, we were using covers and inserts at night time. She didn't need anything more. As she grew though, we discovered she is a SUPER soaker!
During the day she needed 2 inserts in her covers, and at night time, that was not enough! We used hemp inserts !

So many other cloth diapering moms I have noticed, are running into the same problem of "double stuffing" their babies diapers and still getting leaks. This can be frustrating and time consuming.

But there is a better way... at least for us there was!

We decided to start using Bottombumpers OS AIO diapers at night time....and I am so glad we did. These are THE most absorbant diaper I have run across yet.

When she was first born the Bottombumpers were too bulky for her as she was so little, they didn't fit under her daytime clothes, however now that she is bigger they could honestly be used for daytime or nighttime and are not bulky on her at all. She is 20 lbs. now to give you an idea of her size.

These are 2 out of our 3 Bottombumpers, the other one we own is red. It is in the pail at the moment.

I love the internal snap sizing system. It is super simple to do and works great. You attach the green snap to which ever color is the right size for your baby.

Baby A is still on the smallest size setting right now, she was a chubby baby, but then her legs leaned out when she started walking. So this is what her diaper looks like sized. The white snaps are for the soaker to attach.

This is what the soaker and inside of the diaper look like. 
The soaker is made out of bamboo and is super absorbant. The inside of the diaper is lined with a cotton fabric.

The diaper is ready to go once you snap in the soaker and fold under the extra length. I love the long length because folding it over gives even more absorbancy right where Baby A needs it! 
The soaker is super soft too. We air dry our diapers so they get a tad stiff, but these are less stiff than our hemp inserts are after airdrying. If you tumble dry low they would be super soft!

This is the diaper with the insert in and folded up.

Like I said earlier, on a tiny baby they could be bulky for daytime, but are perfect for night time. I thought that they would be fine for day use though when Baby A was about 6 months old. She is tiny for her age though so it may be less bulky on your baby!
The bulkiness definitely isn't a bother!!  

She doesn't pee out in these. She peed out 2 times in the entire 14 1/2 months she's been wearing these. Once was when I left it on for a long time ( 10 hour night ) on the weekend, just to see if it would hold up to her pee. It lasts 8 hours at night no problem for her!

They are super easy to wash and I love that I can wash them on hot to get them super clean too. Be sure to check out their washing instructions before washing as you would with any cloth diaper.

Please check out their website. These are quality diapers, and we love them in our house!!

These opinions are all true and my own. I did not receive any compensation for this post. This post is of a product I currently own and love!! 

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