Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Writing a Birth Plan.

For some women writing a birth plan can seem overwhelming....yet for others, a birth plan is a piece of cake! Yet, still other moms prefer to have no birth plan and just "go with the flow".

I am one of the mothers who originally found writing a birth plan overwhelming. I really really want a natural birth, but in a hospital setting. Not to mention with food allergies, and many other considerations, I need a detailed birth plan.

My hubby, Dr., and the hospital would all tell you that my birth plan is extremely detailed. It's about 5 pages, and nicely laid out like an outline. In addition, I highlighted the most important parts, in case I run into a lazy nurse or a tired one.
We will be taking about 20 printed copies of the plan with us. One for every person who enters the room.

Some main points in my birth plan are:
  • No visitors or hospital phone calls. No exceptions.
  • Do not offer me pain medication. I will request it if I want it.
  • Baby is to room in with me.
  • All routine procedures are to be delayed until baby has breastfed and bonded.
  • Baby is not to be given any pacifiers or sugar water.
  • Cord is to stop pulsating before clamped.
  • Skin to skin bonding time after baby is born.
  • Baby is to be given a bath using our non-toxic bath products.
  • Intermittant monitoring so I can have as much mobility as possible.
  • I do not wish to be told when to push.
  • I prefer not to be induced.
  • Immunizations are to be postponed until a later time.

It may sound overboard to some, but my hubby and I really want our baby to have the best start at life possible. 

So, how do you go about writing a birth plan?
Here's what worked for me...

I absolutely loved this website:

I used the link above to help me create my birth plan. I changed the wording as I wished, and also added in other preferences to the plan. I think that it is a great outline for creating an easy to read, yet detailed birth plan. It makes things quick and simple!

These are some other sites I also checked out while creating my birth plan:

Ultimately, I think it is important that you keep an open mind when creating your birth plan. It is also essential to communicate with your Dr. and to make sure that you go over your birth plan with your Dr. in advance.
I made sure that the hospital also had a copy of my birth plan when we took our hospital tour earlier on. This way they already have a copy in my file.

If you have already given birth, did you have a birth plan?

Why or why not?

I would love to hear from you.


*These are all personal opinions of the blogger from personal life experience and is not intended as advice of any kind.*


  1. Bonding time *before* baby is born? Do you mean with your hubby? I got lost there!

    I did not write a birth plan. I asked my doctor if I should, but he mentioned that they do everything as natural as possible except if it is time to save a life. It turned out that I needed a C-section because I had complete placenta previa. bummer. However... I was very specific about not wanting narcotics after the C-section was done, I react really bad to them, I asked during nine months and then at the interviewee with the anesthesiologist and in the recovery room, but the nurse injected me anyway!!! I am still upset about that because then I was so groggy I could not take care of my baby right away!! ;_; I already told my husband that next time he is to stay with me all the time to make sure that does not happen (it did while he was phoning his family to tell the good news).

    Hey, I am hosting a nursing necklace giveaway, if you care, I am finding mine really useful! :)

  2. @sensiblygreen- Haha so sorry,I meant after baby is born.I changed it:)

    Thanks so much for sharing your story with me!

    I will stop by your blog :)

  3. I had a birthing plan and was very specific about what I wanted. I think birthing plans are a great idea. But I have to tell you the truth. When I got to the hospital nobody would take it or read it. They wanted me to read it off to them real quick and then go about there way. They claimed they were to busy with a bunch of other patients that were also going into labor to stand around and read my plan. Which made me feel very unimportant and that my wants didn't matter. I didn't even have a long one. I shortend it to a page and a half and they acted like it was still to much to read. I don't know if all hospials will act this way... But The one nurse who did take my plan.. Scott said he saw her throw it away after she left the room and went back to her desk. I had at least 10 nurses come through and take care of me while I was in the hospital and never had the same one twice. The whole idea for having my plan was so I didn't have to explain everytime someone new came in to take care of me what I wanted. But for whatever reason they all kind of acted the same and didn't really want to hear my birth plan and was busy. No matter what with the next one I am still writing one and going to a different hospital. Hopefully I will have better luck next time. I hope people are more respectful to you about what you want.. but in the event you get uncareing people like this... My advice is to be very verbal with everyone about the most important things as much as possible.

  4. @Neonica25- I am so sorry you had such a bad experience with your birth plan. Thank you for the tip on being vocal! I will keep it in mind :)