Wednesday, September 4, 2013

No Better Snack Than The Better Chip! Announcing Spinach & Kale! {Sponsored Review}

The Better Chip was so kind to send me a full size sample of their newest flavor Spinach & Kale! In addition to that, they sent samples of some of our favorites from the last review!
( Aren't they awesome?!)
They even threw in a T-shirt too!

Hubby and I enjoyed snacking on these amazing chips and sharing them with Baby A too!

The info sheet they sent with the chips!
Click to enlarge picture.
Baby A is obsessed with crackers and hummus, so we decided to let her try chips and hummus when we took our trip to the beach!
She LOVED them! She ate more than we did! The bag didn't last more than a few minutes!

We typically do not eat "processed" snacks, I make all of our hummus and crackers, etc.... However we make an exception for the Better Chip.

Low in calories & saturated fat!
Because they are the  healthy way to snack! 

The Spinach & Kale chips only have a few ingredients!

That's it! 

The green color in your chips is ACTUALLY from veggies!! How often can you say that about other brands!

Since we recieved these chips, we also have bought a few more bags...they are that delicious.
(There is a bag sitting on my counter right now!)

Spinach & Kale has a light crisp when bitten into, it is can taste the spinach and kale. If you like spinach or kale you will like these chips! They are salty, but not too salty, just enough to add a little extra something to the flavor of the veggies. The flavors compliment each other for a burst of flavor in every bite, a flavor that is not overwhelming. The flavor of the Spinach & Kale is bold enough to stand on its own, yet can compliment pretty much any flavor hummus or fresh salsa that you may want to dip it in.

We HIGHLY  suggest giving their chips a try!
Worried about GMO's? 

Don't. The Better Chip is NON-GMO! 

Worried about Gluten?

These chips contain NO GLUTEN!

It's can't get much better than this!

I am not a fan of canola oil overall, so if I were to make one improvement, it would be that. BUT, that is such a small thing that even if the Better Chip did not change this, we would STILL love them!!

Just a side note, but equally as important, Hubby says the Better Chip has packed even more flavor into the Red Pepper flavor since last time...or at least it tastes that way! He gives them a thumbs up!!!!!
The other flavors they sent us!

Be sure to check your store shelves for the Better Chip!

Your store doesn’t carry them?

Then go here to try to get them on your store shelves!

These would be the perfect chip to pack in your child's lunch box this school year!

*The ingredients listed were off of the back of the package, please check out for more nutritional information.
**I recieved no monetary compensation for this post, all opinions are true and my own, I recieved bags of chips, and a t-shirt for review. Thank you to The Better Chip!

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  1. I would like to try them but the closest store that carries them is 19 miles from my home. If I am ever in the area, I might buy a bag.

    1. awww i hope that you can find a store! try to see if your store will carry them by doing this ?