Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We Drink Clay!

Yep. You read that right. We drink clay.

We actually jokingly call it our "mud water" at home.

Our "mud water". I make a whole pitcher and keep it in the fridge. This is actually Pampered Chef-Quick Stir Pitcher.

We drink it every morning an hour before we eat anything.

So what is this clay I am talking about?

It is Redmond Clay.

This is the clay powder that we use!
Yay for only 1 ingredient: Remond (bentonite) clay!
We are nearing the end of our first container and are quite pleased with it so far. It was a wonderful purchase, and we will be purchasing more!

Yes, my Hubby drinks this with me! 
[ He is a great guy isn't he ;) ]

This is how Hubby takes his water to work. I drink my clay in a tall glass since I am home. This Aquasana glass bottle is the perfect size!
I have to be honest, I was skeptical when I first ran across the idea of drinking clay. The video that I watched can be found here (opens in new window). It really caused me to dig deeper into the idea of consuming clay. I strongly urge you to watch this video, Daniel Vitalis is very inspiring and knowledgeable!

Now there are different clays a person could try, but I went with Redmond Clay because it is bentonite clay. I have found more research and stability in bentonite clay than in other clays .

Here is the Remond Clay website:
Be sure to check out their website and read more about how their clay works and also check out their facebook page!
They are called "The Healing Clay". 
I find this very fitting as I have already tried it on my face as a mask, and have been drinking it. It has helped my acne and skin tone tremendously in a short time, and I feel a little better since drinking it too. I am looking forward to seeing the long term effects of using this clay.

Want to know why clay works...go here (opens in new window).

Would you ever try clay?
If so, what do you find appealing?
If not, what is holding you back?

Remember that only you know your body, and I am not a Dr. so please use your discretion before using clay. Please ask your Dr. before using clay if you have any medical conditions or are on medications.

This was not a sponsored post, it was merely a review of a product I bought. Why? Because I like it that much!!

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


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