Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hamilton Beach True Air Odor Eliminator [Review]

As you all know, hubby and I have been working on the nursery. While the new furniture is beautiful, it can also be a little "stinky". The furniture needs to air out.

Well, when we were at the store the other day, we saw the Hamilton Beach True Air Odor Eliminator. It retails (on their website) for $14.99! Not a bad deal!

It comes with an optional fragrance cartridge. I didn't want to use the fragrance cartridge, so I plugged it in without.

We went back into the nursery later, and the air smelled fresh & clean!

The best part is the carbon filter lasts for 3 months, and we bought a replacement filter pack ( there are 3 in the package). So this should last us through Baby A's first year. I also like that it has a filter change indicator on the front so I will know when to change the filter.

I think this is an amazing addition to the nursery & at a great price!

I am excited to see how well it works on keeping the air fresh when the diaper pail is full :)


*These are all just personal opinions of the blogger. Blogger is not associated with the company in any way. The blogger did not receive compensation of any kind for this review.*


  1. interesting! i was just looking for something liek this, that wasnt one of those big bulky kind. thanks for the review!

  2. @chelle- you are so welcome! I wanted something to keep the baby's room fresh, but was having issues finding something until I ran across this. I love it, it works great! The scent cartridge is green mountain scent, I just threw that part away & I get fresh clean air smell :) Wonderful!