Monday, February 6, 2012

Shoe Love ♥

Source: via Hollie on Pinterest

Source: via Jennie on Pinterest



  1. Oh my... I'd definitely fall off of these! I do love the sparkles on the first shoe. Maybe I can do that to my tennis shoes... Hahaha.

  2. It has been awhile since I wore heels but I would soo love to have the first pair one at the top!

  3. Ladies! I agree! I haven't worn heels in a while, but if I did I'd love to have the first shoe (the sparkly one!)

  4. Ooh those are soo nice! My favorite is the purple. I may not wear heels often if ever (kinda hard when toting kids around) but I can live vicariously through posts like this - thanks! :)

    Thanks for linking up to Pinterest Monday! Hope to see you again next week!