Monday, November 7, 2011

A Case Of The Mondays!

Ever just feel like Mondays are bad days no matter what?
What makes Mondays so special that they get to dictate your mood every single week?

You know the kind of Monday where you wake up late, the car won't start, the kids are screaming, your dog won't wait to get let outside, the package you have been waiting for arrives damaged in the mail? One of those kind of days....why always Monday?

I think it's all in how we approach Mondays. 
If we expect the day to go badly, if we anticipate a bad day, chances are it will be a bad day. We attract what we believe.

Now, try thinking of Mondays as a good day. A day to be productive after a restful or fun weekend! Let's turn those frowns upside down & those Mondays around!

Monday can be the start of a great week!
If you are on a diet, or workout, then Monday can be a fresh start toward new goals!
Monday can be great.

Try it this week. If you are having a bad Monday, start over. Right now. Anticipate the best, and make the most out of this fresh start you've been given.




  1. I love where you said "we attract what we believe"

    SO TRUE! this is why I aLWAYS try to remain positive! not to mention it does wonders for your mind and soul :)

  2. @chelle- I agree, being positive is the way to be :)