Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Decluttering the corners of my house...and my mind.

This is not my photo, image googled from around the web.
Recently I have been working really hard to declutter my home. It seems as those my everything in its place home became more cluttered after Baby A was born.
A mixture between all the junk mail that you get when you have a baby ( almost daily!), baby toys and other baby stuff, less time to get things done because it is no longer dedicated to cleaning, it is split between cleaning and Baby A. Obviously with Baby A being the priority.

Now that Baby A is getting a little older, I have noticed that she is accumulating more stuff. Everything from birthday and Christmas presents, to unneeded gifts from well meaning givers. That and every one seems to want to get her big things. We live in an apartment. 
Needless to say, this means that I need to figure out how to organize the situation ( situation being our home). 

In getting rid of things, I want to do it in an eco-friendly manner of course. Recycling and donating things where I can. I want to make as little waste as possible.

Did I mention our apartment has a lack of storage space? This makes things difficult, especially as Baby A grows out of clothes, I need to find a place to store the boxes of clothes as she grows through each size.

Any other first time mommies finding space suddenly an issue where it wasn't before?

I admit, this cleaning/organizing frenzy was inspired by this blog : http://zerowastehome.blogspot.com/

I really was amazed at how creative and UN-materialistic these people are. It is REFRESHING.

In a world of "I wants" and "buy more and save", I find myself wanting to get rid of more things, I want less things that I don't need, or that don't serve a purpose to me. It's almost an itch really. I am so happy that I am starting on this journey.

I have so many goals this year, and I am adding this to my list. Granted, I know that I could not go as far as the Zero Waste home, but I would love to get my life to be less materialistic, more open, and have more organization and space to breathe.

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


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