Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Healthy Teeth Series: My Teeth's Journey to Health.

My teeth have always been sensitive. Not to mention there is a family history on my mother's side of teeth decalcifying & breaking. 
I have a slightly chipped tooth in the front & a tooth in the back that started to break. 

Interestingly enough I have not had any cavities that I know of and have never had a filling or any kind of work done on my teeth aside from a regular cleaning.

I do however believe that a lot of my issue with my teeth is due to having had major acid reflux from undiagnosed Celiac disease for many years, and on top of that a bad diet through out my childhood and teen years.

Which brings me to teeth have stopped breaking, and a not anywhere near as sensitive as before. If I go from a bowl of hot soup to drinking ice cold water I will get a little sensitivity. However, I couldn't drink lukewarm water without getting tooth sensivity before, not to mention ice cold water which would send shooting pain through my jaw and face.

It was a total bummer.

My teeth are feeling better, and here is partly why:

1. Went gluten free/ dairy free to correct issues with Celiac disease & no longer have acid reflux.

2. I eat a healthy diet rich in veggies & don't eat sugar.

3. I take a calcium supplement.

4. I do not use chemical tooth whiteners.

5. I no longer brush with fluoride.

These are huge things in the transformation of the health of my teeth.

Through this series I am going to take you through various natural ways of taking care of teeth & certain things that I avoid in tooth care products.

I hope that you enjoy this series & maybe gain some knowledge on self  tooth car, as I am spending a lot of time on this series.

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,



  1. Having sensitive teeth is really troublesome. It can limit what food and drinks you can take, and it can sometimes cause headache. Good for you that you managed to lessen your teeth sensitivity. For me I find using soft bristled toothbrush effective, as it will result in minimal scratching of the tooth surface, which does not brush off enamels.

  2. @Jerri: I agree! A soft bristled brush has helped me quite a bit as well!

  3. I agree with tip #2. Whatever we eat, affects our teeth, which is why we have to be conscious enough and develop healthy eating habits. In doing so, you are not only taking care of your teeth, but you are also taking care of your overall health. Don’t forget to brush your teeth every after meal.