Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday : Loving This Sunshine!

This has been a great week!  
  • I have gotten plenty of sleep, which is always a plus as a parent of a child under 2!
  •  Baby A has been an angel! She put herself to bed on time one night this week, she was so tired she just lay down on her floor pillow and fell asleep...Hubby carried her to the crib. It was adorable. 
  • Baby A also has said so many new words and phrases this week! She said " all clean", "all better", "down", "table", and a whole bunch of other words. I honestly cannot remember everything because she is doing so many new things so quickly! I love it. It is so exciting watching her grow.
  • She also helped me put dishes away all week. It is the cutest thing ever. As soon as I open the dishwasher, she comes running into the kitchen to help put things away.
  • Baby A who never wants to take a nap, also took 2 naps this week, on her own. I think she is hitting a growth spurt.
  • I am so glad that the teething pain has subsided for her, her little canine teeth are poking through. This means that she won't be getting many more teeth as she has almost a full mouth of teeth now.
  • my fruit bowl full of yummy organics in my nice clean kitchen
  • I am happy that I have been able to get a ton of things done around the house too!  I have been doing laundry like a crazy person. I organized the kitchen ( we spend a lot of time in there cooking every meal, so it is easy to get it cluttered up!), I cleaned the living room, and I am in the process of dejunking the rest of the house. In an apartment it is easy to gather clutter, there isn't a lot of space to put everything and we have basically no storage at all. This makes things challenging, but I also think that it makes it easier to know when to clear the clutter.  What tends to clutter your house?

  • I am not where I want to be fitness-wise yet. I really want to put on some serious muscle, I know it takes time, and my health condition held me back in February and March, so it will take a while. It is still frustrating though. It is especially frustrating because I STILL have that loose skin. It's not fat or anything, it is literally just skin that is wrinkly and sitting there on my stomach. I think my belly got so big is busted my stomach....LOL.
  • I am so thankful for the beautiful weather! We will be planting our balcony garden this weekend! I cannot wait! I am looking forward to it.
    some of the seeds we will be planting
I am looking forward to the kale!

I am thankful for Baby A, thankful for the sunshine and walks with my Hubby and daughter, thankful for the time we have been spending in nature, thankful for my health, thankful for my close friend Stacy, and thankful for all the blessing that God has given me. 

Baby A's hot pepper plants we grew from seeds. Planted mid-Feb.
They are a little lopsided because she pulled them out of the window last night lol.

What are you thankful for?

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


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