Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Adventures in Newborn Cloth Diapering

Cloth diapering has been a wonderful adventure for us so far. I have made a few mistakes, but learned from them and moved on. 
Our daughter has only been in 1 "sposie" diaper (the diaper they put on her at the hospital). Her first diaper change at the hospital Hubby and I changed her into her cloth diapers.While we were in the hospital dealing with meconium we used biodegradable inserts in our cloth covers. 
Once we got home we switched all the way over to our cloth inserts & haven't looked back.
A few things that were challenges for me was figuring out the sizing ( we use One Size covers that size through the elastic) I kept wanting to make the legs too loose to avoid marks...which led to a night time leak. Then we found out our daughter is a HEAVY wetter. So I started "double stuffing" her diaper at night time...problem solved!
She is dry day & night now. 
The other issue I've had with cloth diapering is the diaper sprayer. The newborn poop kind of goes everywhere....and so does the diaper sprayer. I am starting to get a handle on the sprayer & how to use it so I don't drench the bathroom....
Any tips on sprayer technique though, please send them my way! 

What were your cloth diaper "newbie" challenges?


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  1. My baby is a heavy wetter and it has been really challenging to get him to stay dry! I still have to change him through the night!
    I do not spray his diapers. When he was EBF I used to just rinse the poop under the faucet and then put the inserts in the pail. Some people don't even rinse them, since BF poop is water soluble.

    Now I use a liner to catch the solids, since he is eating foods too. I still do not spray.

  2. @Coty:
    That must be frustrating with the heavy wetting. Thankfully we have found what works for baby A. A hemp insert with a stay dry newborn insert on top. It still comes out completely soaked, but at least nothing is soaking out of the diaper now.