Friday, August 24, 2012

Ask Me *Almost* Anything!

Starting on Monday I will be doing a segment on here where 
every Monday I will be picking one question to answer from the 
pool of questions I will get over the course of the week.

Questions about my personal opinions on topics like Health, 
Fitness, Nutrition, Parenting, Celiac Disease, organization, etc. Ask away! 

I will answer one question with my honest opinions ( I don't claim these to be facts, they will be just my personal opinions on what works in my life!)

And that  one lucky person's question will hopefully be featured each Monday on my blog/fb page!

So start asking away. I will be posting the questions anonymously unless told otherwise, and then I will post your questions by first name or nickname provided ( on my blog ).

I want to hear from you!!!! Ask me ALMOST anything!

You can post questions here, email me reinventinglolliatgmaildotcom or post them on my fb wall.

If you aren't already, please follow me on facebook and join in on the fun!

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,



  1. I'll definitely be back for this! I've been trying to get healthier and there is so much conflicting info out there!

  2. @Motherhood on the Rocks: Welcome to my blog! I am so happy that you will be back! Off to check out your blog :)