Thursday, October 25, 2012

Children's TV Shows That Baby A Loves!!

Baby A and I wanted to share with you our tv picks for little kids!

In  our household, tv is for learning. We don't want Baby A to fill her mind with a bunch of needless garbage tv as a child, when she can learn from what she watches.

There is a ton of shows out there that are just entertainment for children without any substance, it can be hard to sort through it all.

Here are our top picks:

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  • Sid The Science Kid: This TV show is Baby A's absolute favorite. Sid is the kid who " wants to know everything about everything". He investigates how things work, This show teaches children a lot about science and why stuff works the way it does. It is full of music and very colorful!

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  • Little Einsteins: There is a lot of music and brain stimulation. If you like Baby Einstein videos, then you will love Little Einsteins. It is full of discovery and problem solving skills. It teaches a variety of things to children in a story line format. The show has adorable artistry and keeps attention well! There is a lot of music too which is awesome.

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  • Super Why:  This show is all about reading! They make it fun with adventures and cute characters!

Check these shows out if you get the chance! They are refreshing to see after seeing how much junk is on television for little kids.

There are other shows that are educational too, but since we keep tv limited these are the shows we choose to watch.

What tv shows do your kids watch?
Any favorite educational shows?

Be Happy Healthy & Strong!

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