Monday, January 21, 2013

Ask Lolli Monday! : Getting Started with Cloth Diapers

Is it too late to start cloth diapering? My son is 1 year old. If not, then what cloth diapers do I choose? Are they expensive? How do I clean them? How many should I buy to get started? What do you use?

These are great questions! Most of them are questions that I too had when I wanted to start cloth diapering.

It isn't too late to cloth diaper. You can still reap health benefits and savings, as well as help the planet by reducing the amount of diapers in the landfill.
Cloth diapering can seem like a huge undertaking, especially if you are like me and research like crazy. However, it isn't bad at all. In fact, I really really like it!
If I could go back, I would have to say that less is more when it comes to cloth diapering accessories.

 So here are some basics to get you started:

  1. How many do I need? When we started cloth diapering Baby A as a newborn we had 8 covers and 16 inserts. This was for full time cloth diapering. We added a couple of AIO/AI2 style diapers at night time when we discovered that she is a super soaker!
  2. Are they expensive? Cloth diapering doesn't have to be expensive. There are some inexpensive diapers that work great, and come in nice colors too!
  3. What cloth diapers to choose ?/ What do you use? I have to say that it is always best to try different kinds of diapers. When we first brought Baby A home, we were exclusively using Sprout Change. While these were great for the short term, the covers ended up being low quality in comparison to our other diapers...after 5 months the all started leaking out of the seams. However, the inserts are super absorbant and great quality.  I also strongly disliked gDiapers, the covers were low quality and did not contain newborn poop. During this time we had bought some other diapers that are still going strong. This is a point to say that not all cloth diapers are created equal. Right now, we use Bottombumpers AIO/OS. These are HANDS DOWN the most absorbant diapers I have ever put on Baby A. She never leaks out of them, ever. They are a tad bit bulky so I use them for nighttime only. These run approx. $22-23 which can be a little pricey on a budget if you are buying a lot of them. But I will say they are worth every penny. We also have some GroVia's that we love and a Softbums, these make nice bedtime diapers for her as well, however, they can get pricey as well. My favorite cloth diapering combination for Baby A during the daytime is a Thirsties cover with a Sprout Change hemp insert ( & doubler insert of pretty much any brand I have) or  a Kawaii OS diaper cover with a Sprout Change hemp insert & a doubler. Another winning combination is a Kawartha pocket diaper ( used as a cover) with a Kawartha insert. These inserts are super absorbant.  If  I were to recommend any for price & quality. I would say Kawaii and Kawartha, these are my favorites in our stash. In fact I just bought 4 more Kawaii covers & 4 inserts for  $32.20 ( on sale ) ! That's a really great deal! 
  4. How do I clean them?  Over time you will come up with the perfect routine that works for you. It will take some trial and error. This is because everyone's diapers, water, washing machine, and detergent vary! The key is patience and don't be afraid to try something new. Also be sure to follow manufacturer's instructions for washing diapers, covers, and inserts. Now, if you have a newborn or a child who tends to have messy poop, a diaper sprayer might be in order. These can be pricey sometimes, but aren't completely necessary. Some moms I know use a strong ( garden style) spray bottle of water instead, other moms use the "dunk and swish" method, while others use a diaper butler. It all depends what works for you. If it is pee, it just goes in the pail for wash day. 
There is so much more to cloth diapering. This is just the very basic of basics. I will be writing more on cloth diapers, sharing my wash routine, and what has worked for me over the past 14 months. Please keep reading my blog for more info!

Also, if you are a cloth diapering mom please share your experiences in the comments below!
Please help our friend out!

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


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