Monday, February 11, 2013

Saying Good-bye to Nursing!

Wow. I cannot believe that yesterday was Baby A's last nursing! I have breastfed her for 14 1/2 months now. She was exclusively breastfed, meaning no formula or supplementation! She even didn't have much in the way of baby food the first year ( 2 weeks when she was 4 months old, once a day she ate baby food, but she wasn't ready) we introduced baby food at 10 months, she ate it twice a day until a year, and now she is eating real food all day! 

I am very happy to say though, that she isn't completely done with breastmilk though. I was lucky enough to have such a great milk supply while nursing her. I was able to save back approximately 4 months worth of feedings for her. So she can still drink breastmilk, even though she is done nursing :) 

It is a more emotional thing than I thought. Weaning Baby A was emotional because she didn't really want to wean at first. Then she took a turn and started weaning herself more on her own. I was ready to have my body back to myself ( almost 2 years I have shared my body now), and she is growing up.

It was hard knowing that I will not be needed as much for her nourishment. However, I am reminding myself that she will need me for so many other things as she grows up!
I am so blessed that I was able to nourish her with nature's most perfect food for this long. 

We are saying good-bye to nursing & hello to toddler days!

Did you breastfeed your baby? 

If so, how long? 
Was it hard to wean your baby?

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


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