Friday, May 24, 2013

Things I Love Friday: Why I Love Mason Jars!

In a lot of typical American households people tend to have a "Tupperware cabinet" that they store all of their plastic-ware in.

Knowing that plastic was not good for us, we invested in a lot of Pyrex a few years ago. Before  We love Pyrex. Granted though, it can sometimes be an awkward size and makes it difficult to fit all of the leftovers in our apartment fridge. Before the Pyrex, we re-used our old spaghetti sauce jars, but we make our own sauces now, so we do not get jars....and the lids were of lesser quality, so we ended up recycling them.

only a few as some are in use.
 ignore the cabinet lining, from tenants before us.

We got some pint sized Ball canning jars a bit ago...and we love them. So we recently invested in a larger stash of mason jars AKA. canning jars.

Are we using them for canning though? No. But we could if we wanted to!

Mason jars are so useful.

You can store fruits and veggies in them for a quick snack.

They are also great for storing left overs in the fridge. Especially for Baby A's  dinner leftovers.

Here are some great uses for mason jars:
  1. Use them as glasses, the are great for drinking out of, at home or on the go.
  2. As mentioned above, they are great for storing leftovers.
  3. Store homemade hummus or nut butters!
  4. As mentioned above, they are great for storing pre-washed/pre-cut fruits and veggies for snacks.
  5. Use as a vase for flowers
  6. Store juices, teas, or chia drinks in the fridge.
  7. Store dehydrated veggies or other dry pantry goods in the pantry.
  8. Canning. They are good for their intended purpose of canning foods.
  9. Lunch for work. You can make mason jar salads and pasta salads to take on picnics or lunch for work!
  10. Gifts! You can dress up a canning jar full of dry ingredients for a meal or baking recipe, and attach the recipe to the lid.
  11. You can use them in your bathroom to store beauty products, cotton balls, q-tips, and more.
There are so many more uses for mason jars that I haven't even mentioned here.
sorry about glare. windows are open for some sunshine.

What do you use mason jars for?

If you don't already use them. try them sometime! 

 Ditch the plastic and go for glass.

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  1. My Daughter has been collecting the older mason jars with the old lids. She is decoratng in her kitchen with them.

    1. that is wonderful! i collected some old spaghetti sauce jars and such and use them to store things in my bathroom. i will be decorating them soon :)