Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Where Have I Been?

I am back as you all have noticed (hopefully you missed me while I was gone)!
I posted the Naturally Fresh Deodorant Review. It really is a great deodorant. I tried it out for a month before reviewing it to make sure that it worked, and it does!! I am so happy to have found this company as they are the new deodorant in our household ( we threw out the others).
I will be posting a review for The Better Chip soon! They asked me to try their Spinach and Kale flavor, and it is delicious. I am editing some pictures and should have it posted shortly!

Unfortunately, I have not had as much time for blogging over the past month as I had previously, however things are slowing down a bit now so I will be able to post a little more... even if not daily I am hoping to post once or twice a week!

So....where have I been?
Being a mom.

Dr's appointments, errands, responsibilities, etc. I make our lotions, chapsticks, and other household goods from scratch...I make all of our meals from scratch too. This is time consuming. Add in diaper laundry and spending quality time ( most important!) with Hubby and Baby A...this has left me going to bed way late.

Unfortunately I was only sleeping 3 hours or so a night, I totally drained my body to the point where the Dr. thought I might have mono. Thank goodness I didn't. However, my lack of sleep was flaring up my fibromyalgia and bringing my body down....add in stress and was the perfect storm. 

I have been focusing on trying to get much needed rest when I do have free time.

Thankfully I am completely healthy! The Dr. said all of my numbers are good! Even my vitamin levels!!

I was incredibly happy to hear yesterday that I am indeed in perfect health and all I need to do is sleep and stress less.

Have you ever let life get the best of you?

Stress, not enough sleep?

How did you "bounce back"?

I am happy to be back and have so many plans for this fall. 

I have some body care recipes to be posting soon hopefully, and finally posting some fitness progress pictures too!

Please keep reading as there is more coming soon!

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