Friday, June 27, 2014

Hello 3rd Trimester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I cannot believe that I am 27 weeks pregnant already, with a healthy Baby Boy! 
Baby A is super excited about the arrival of her little brother. There are still so many things to accomplish before he arrives, but we are working on it. 
I am happy to announce that I am still weight lifting, running, jump roping, and doing yoga! 
I completed the last workout of the Burn Circuit for ChaLean Extreme today & starting on the Push Circuit Monday! 
So far I do yoga daily, weight lifting 3 days a week (10,15,20 lb dumbbells), and cardio 2-4 times a week depending on how I am feeling! 
It has made a huge difference! I have gained 15 lbs now and am keeping my muscle tone. 

Baby B is in face down position and growing like crazy! I have started to get to the tired phase of pregnancy, but am happy to have many less symptoms this time than I did the first time. It is a wonderful relief to be able to get comfy at night and not be using a giant pregnancy pillow!! 

I finished my CCS certification and am now on my SAQ certification for my Master Trainer Program! I will be finishing up the end of August! 1 month before Baby B is due! Perfect timing :) 

I don't have a lot of pictures today but I will post some belly pictures for you all soon!

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