Friday, November 11, 2011

Eat Out This Thanksgiving or Cook Leaner.

I saw this post today, and loved the list of reasons to eat out this Thanksgiving

Then I got to thinking of my own reasons of why I think eating out this Thanksgiving would be a good idea for some.

The problem with Thanksgiving for those who are health conscious is the exorbitant amount of calories, fat, and LEFTOVERS! In some households you could be eating leftovers from Thanksgiving for weeks. So instead of packing on the calories for one meal, some people end up packing on the unhealthy celebration calories for ....days to weeks. No good.

However, if one eats out and orders a meal, then enjoys that meal at a restaurant, there are no leftovers in the fridge staring them in the face for a while. In addition, it's a lot harder to way overstuff yourself on one plate, than it is to overstuff yourself on a whole spread of Thanksgiving dinner & dessert, where you keep going back for more.
Normally I am not a fan of eating out, but I feel that for special occasions it can be good in some ways. Not to mention it saves on having to wash dishes.

I also think that there can be a better, healthier way to eat at home this Thanksgiving.

Some things that I think would help:

  • If going to a friend or family member's home for Thanksgiving, bring a healthy side dish (salad, fruit, etc)
  • When baking dessert, substitute Stevia or honey instead of regular sugar.
  • Skip dishes with heavy creams and lots of cheeses.
  • Try this recipe for stuffing this year: Even if you aren't gluten free, I think that a grain free stuffing could help everyone's waistlines this year.
  • Try using Olive Oil or Coconut Oil to baste your turkey this year (skip the butter!)
  • Follow the 80/20 rule- 80% of your plate should be vegetables & 20% protein (turkey).
  • Have the pumpkin pie, but keep it to one slice. Go easy on the whipped cream! (or better yet skip it!)...if you are gluten free (like me) make your own gluten free pumpkin pie :) (I personally would substitute the sugar)
  • Keep body refreshed and calories lower by drinking lots of water and skipping the sugary sodas & holiday drinks.
These are just a few ideas for enjoying the holiday while keeping your body healthy.
Do you have any healthy holiday tips to share?

A reminder: Thanksgiving is about giving thanks :) Don't forget to be thankful for the food you have to eat. Not everyone is as fortunate to have so many food choices available.


*These are all personal opinions of the blogger from personal life experience and is not intended as advice of any kind.*

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