Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Relationship with [Fast] Food (Part 3)

The bigger changes in my life...
My relationship with Fast Food had dwindled drastically. Hubby and I were only eating out occasionally now, and had given up soda all together. 
Our snacks were still junky and I was addicted to bread. I loved anything baked....bread, brownies, donuts, you name it. I also couldn't pass up a York Peppermint Pattie or a 3 Musketeers bar. 

Hubby had said " No way am I ever going to eat that bird seed sh*t" in the beginning, but this was all about to change for him too.

While getting healthier and moving more toward clean eating, I was getting sicker. Fast food made me sick, but healthy food made me sicker. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I felt like maybe I should give up on clean eating, seeing as how I was eating everything in sight and still losing weight. I weighed 89 lbs. I was exercising and not gaining muscle.

Then I saw a video on ( my new favorite site at the time), it was about a female bodybuilder who had Celiac. 
I didn't know what gluten was before this. So I decided to cut gluten & dairy out of my diet...on Thanksgiving 2009.

And long story short. I felt better. Actually, I felt the best I had ever felt in my life. I ate less, I gained weight ( I weighed 98 lbs. after being gluten free only a couple months). If you want to know more, then please click here

Around the same time, Hubby had revelations in his own life that caused him to start to look at what he was eating too. 

We started following the Eat Clean Diet. We ate more brown rice & only gluten free breads on occasion. Our snacks started to clean up too. We allowed ourselves 1 cheat snack a week. Just ONE!  We even started taking vitamins and supplements.

So now we were eating clean :) 

It felt good.

And guess what we still made more changes to our diet.

What? Could you get any healthier? 


And we did. 

Going to the "extremes" with healthy eating & feeling the best we ever had !! 

Part 4....Where we are now.

And then be sure to come back for Part 5, of how YOU can change your life!! 

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,



  1. Hi Lolli,
    I admire your courage and commitment to eat healthy. I am still trying to work my mind up to leaving some foods. Well done!
    Your newest follower from Thirsty Thursday.

  2. Great post!! It is hard when you're doing everything 'right' and not getting better. You should be proud of yourself for sticking with it - and it is so wonderful you are sharing this with others! :)