Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Crazy Week, Easter Bunny, Food Processor Moment....

It has been a crazy week so far, and we are only halfway through.

Have you ever had one of those weeks?

This week was:

  • Neighbors across the hall getting new furniture and making loud noises both Mon and Tues, blocking our apartment door. Tues they break the light and I hear glass shatter outside my door. Wonderful.
  • Tues slept through my alarm and missed my work out. Bad fibromyalgia day.
  • Baby A decided to take a long nap in first time in forever, right before I was supposed to be at Chiropractor....30 minutes late for my appointment.
  • Burner on stove explodes. This brings us down to only 2 burners, the back ones. So much for cooking stir fry. Not to mention the stove fire and melted parts on the burner that resulted.

  • Now have to wait for maintenance, who by the way must not find our stove a priority. I guess they figure people eat take out....well we don't.
  • 10 minutes after the burner on the stove burst into flames....a bottle of hot sauce....brand new bottle....falls off the counter and shatters. Did I mention we have carpet in the kitchen ( what apartment complex puts light grey almost white carpet in a KITCHEN?)

  • Call the Dr. today, and they have lost the information I need. Really? Who does  that? Thankfully Hubby saved the day and was able to get the info re-faxed.
  • Baby A hasn't slept well all week either. Last night I was up with her until 5 am. Something was bothering her, what it was though I don't know. I checked temperature, clothing, gave her bottle, pacifier, etc....even soothing music. Nothing worked.
  • It's snowing. On the first day of spring. I want to plant our garden! Go away snow!

The good parts of my week made me smile though:
  • Our new food processor just came in! I cannot wait to not have to use the blender  for food processing tasks! YAY!

our new food processor! Hamilton Beach 10 cup 525 watt.

  • Also, I found the cutest little website that a fellow blogger posted ( I apologize. I forget which one I read so many blogs yesterday)! It is a website where you can make a letter from the Easter Bunny! Got to love that!!

photo from

Have you had one of those weeks?

What was the light  part of your week, your " food processor moment"?

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Happy Spring!

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


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