Thursday, May 16, 2013

(TT): Growing Avocado Trees. New Roof, and To-Do Lists

The past couple of days have been really noisy around here. The apartment complex decided it was time for our building to get a new roof. The roofers started at 7:45 am yesterday. It was loud and noisy the entire day....until approx. 4:30 pm. There has also been noise off and on today. Baby A was not thrilled. On the bright side however, I got out of my to-do list for a day, and was able to spend a great deal of quality time with Baby A! It was over 80 degrees and sunny outside. We got to take a walk, go to the library, and play on the playground. Baby A made several friends yesterday. It was a great time. Blessings come out of even the most inconvenient circumstances.

This past weekend Hubby and I decided to start growing avocado trees indoors. We eat a lot of avocados. All you need is the pit, some water, toothpicks, and a cup...and a window full of sunshine. We figured it couldn't hurt. I have heard that avocado trees make great house plants. It is fun to try new projects. I am really thankful that Hubby and I have the ability to try so many new and wonderful things!

These avocado trees are 6 days old today. Nothing has sprouted yet, but it could take a couple of weeks.
You can see roofing shingles left behind in the outdoor part of the window sill.

I am so very thankful for so many things. The weather is beautiful again today! I cannot wait to go to the beach this summer. Hubby, Baby A, and I spent quite a bit of time in the sand last summer, and we hope to do it again!

What are you thankful for?

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


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