Monday, January 14, 2013

Ask Me Monday! : Stay at home mom?

"What made you want to be a stay at home mom?"

Honestly, when I was a child my mom was a stay at home mom, and for a short time my dad was a stay at home dad while he went to school for his second career. 
I really feel like I benefitted from this as a child. I remember wanting to be there for my child (ren) the way they were for me when I was little. 
There was a short time when I was a child that neither parent stayed at home and I remembered hating having some one else watch me. 
I feel that parents are the best teachers for their children. I also believe that we can be a great safety net while they are young.
I want my daughter to grow up feeling secure and confident. I feel that by me staying home with her, I can help with these things.
I teach her a lot during the day, and we get a lot of quality time together because of this. She is a very happy child, I credit a lot of this due to my husband's and my parenting style. Attachment parenting has really helped her to flourish. There are times when she is clingy, but she is also only 13 months old. 

I think that every parent should do what is best for their family whether it is staying at home or working. Each family knows what is best for them.

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