Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekly Recap! : Allergies, Weather, and Father's Day!

What a wonderful weekend! 

I got a really good workout in on Saturday, despite major allergies having me down.

I go to see an allergist on Monday, the allergies this year are outrageous. I want to get off the pharmacuetical medication, so I am hoping that allergy shots and herbal medicine will be the answer. Do you suffer from allergies? What do you use to keep them under control?
I have to admit I am really nervous to go as I will be exposed to many allergens that will cause reactions....including my food allergies. I will keep you all updated!

Father's Day was wonderful!  Baby A and I enjoyed celebrating Hubby. He is an amazing husband and father, he deserved a day to celebrate him. We made him ice cream and brownies ( the healthy kind of course!) and a yummy pizza ( again the delicious healthy kind)! It was definitely a yummy day :) We all enjoyed our time together.

The weather has been crummy and rainy lately! Very little sunshine is peeking through. How is the weather where you live? 

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Have a wonderful week!

Happy Tuesday!

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


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  1. I used to do the shot thing a few years back. Now I use Clairton and nasal cort spray. The weather should be really great this weekend hot & sunny.