Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mission: Getting My Body Back After Baby! (10)

Wow~! Baby A is 4 months old today! Happy 4 month Birthday Baby A!

I cannot believe that it has been 17 weeks since I gave birth to her.  She has been doing so many cool things, not little baby trying to talk and she even wanted to crawl yesterday...although that is still a ways away, she still made the attempt! 

(To read her birth story, click on the Pregnancy & Parenting tab)

Check my previous posts for week 8 through 12 weigh ins!

Week 13 I weighed in at 110.2 and 28 inch waist
Week 14 I weighed in at 107.8 lbs. and 27 1/4 inch waist
Week 15 I weighed in at 107.2 lbs and 27 inch waist
Week 16 I weighed in at 106.4 ;bs. and 27 inch waist

Week 17 weigh in: 
105.4 lbs.
26 1/2 inch waist

I lost 1 lb. and 1/2 an inch! YAY!

I really busted my butt at the gym this week. Like pretty much any week, I always try to go my hardest, even when I am tired. It was hard to drag myself to the gym yesterday, but I did and it was wonderful. The reason it was so hard was because Mondays workout truly kicked my butt. I am STILL sore.

I did my whole normal workout, but upped the intensity. Added my cable kick backs and crunches upside down on an incline bench. Those crunches really made me feel my abs.

I was able to get into a mini skirt this week.
The jeans I wore last week in my progress picture were size 2 and they are baggy now.
Hopefully I will be a size 1 by next week :)

1 1/2 inches to go!

I am still  working on a goal range of 101-105 lbs. and 24-25 inch waist. Can't wait to get there. Maybe in time for bikini season?

What do you all think? Can you see a difference?
Haha, I am getting impatient, but anything good takes effort and time.

Here are this weeks progress pictures:  

click on pictures to view larger

Thank you for following me on my journey to getting my body back!



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