Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mission: Getting My Body Back After Baby (11)

Baby A was born 18 weeks ago. She is growing fast! Happy news is she had her well visit and Dr. said she is perfectly healthy :) Great news for a new mommy to hear!
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Check my previous posts for week 8 through 12 weigh ins!

Week 13 I weighed in at 110.2 and 28 inch waist
Week 14 I weighed in at 107.8 lbs. and 27 1/4 inch waist
Week 15 I weighed in at 107.2 lbs and 27 inch waist
Week 16 I weighed in at 106.4 ;bs. and 27 inch waist
Week 17 I weighed in at 105.4 lbs. and 26 1/2 inch waist

Week 18 weigh in: 

105.4 lbs. (Stayed the same)
26 1/8 inches on waist

So I didn't lose any lbs. this week, I did lose a little in inches which is good. I was kind of expecting this because I have known that I had a lot of larger losses recently, and I have been feeling my body building muscle all over. Muscle will make me weigh more for a bit before I lose again. But I do feel my body tightening and am seeing definition in legs, arms, etc. This is good!

Another great thing about this week is I fit into a smaller pair of my jeans! They were size 1! I was soooooo happy about this, this means that my lower body is back to the size it was before Baby A. Although my hips aren't entirely back, they are a little snug on my hip bones. But that is okay!!

I really worked out hard this week like always. In fact I worked out a little harder in the past week than I probably should have. I was sore most of the week. I kept going back to the gym and I am happy about it! My body is really shaping up! Now if only I could get rid of this loose skin.....grrrr.

I am still  working on a goal range of 101-105 lbs. and 24-25 inch waist. I really really hope to be looking good enough for a bikini this summer! What do you think, can I do it?

Here are this weeks progress pictures:  

click on pictures to view larger

Haha don't mind the advertisement on the t-shirt! This is a t-shirt from the Arnold 2012 EXPO that hubby and I went to this year. He absolutely loves his Gaspari protein! They are one of the best supplement companies! If they were more allergy friendly, I too would take their products!

Thank you for following me on my journey to getting my body back!



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