Friday, March 9, 2012

My Current Workout.

20 min run on treadmill
20 min at 10 incline on Precor

Weight lifting
2 sets of 8-10 each exercise

Bicep curls (each side)
Tricep extensions (each side)
Hammer Curls (each side)
Tricep Dips
Side shoulder raises (each side)
Rows (each side) & then 2 sets of both sides together
Reverse Grip rows
Dumbell bench press
Dumbbell lat pull downs
2 sets, 10-12 each exercise

Single leg bowler squats (each side)
Dead lifts
Single leg deadlifts (each side)
Walking lunges (10 one way, 10 back = 1 set)

Inner /Outer thigh machine  (2 set inner, 2 set outer)
Leg extension machine
Leg curl machine


2x20 Bicycle Crunch
1x5 Plank
1x5 Side Plank (each side)
Mountain Climbers (# depends on day)
V-ups (# depends on day)
2x20 Laying Leg Raises
2x20 Roman Chair Crunch

My abs and yoga are usually Tuesday & Thursday.
My cardio and weight lifting are usually, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
I typically like to do a full body workout every time, although I do change things up occasionally and split upper body lower body. 
Some people do front/back splits with their workouts, those just aren't my style. Although if I hit a plateau I am willing to try something different. 

I change up the exercises in my workouts 1x a month. So this is my workout for the month of March.

I try to gradually increase the weights I lift, and I like to lift slow & heavy, with 10-30 sec rest between sets. Occasionally I will pick up a heavy weight I don't normally lift and perform 3-5 extremely slow reps of that weight to get extra burn or when attempting to up my weight. 
I always stretch before and after a workout.


* Disclaimer: This is just what I do. Do not attempt to try to copy my workout as everyones body is different. Do what works for you, and only exercise with doctor permission and trainer supervision.*

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