Monday, June 18, 2012

Where Sugar Lurks & Avoiding Sweet Chemical Soup Part 2

In my last post I mentioned many places where refined sugar lurks.

I also mentioned that it is usually replaced by chemical artificial sweeteners.

So why is refined sugar bad for you?

Here's what constant sugar intake can do to the human body:

  • Lowers good cholesterol & raises triglycerides
  • Can lead to heart disease
  • Can cause obesity
  • Can lead to diabetes
  • It can suppress the immune system leaving you more susceptible to a host of diseases
I am talking about sugar made from sugar cane. I am not talking about natural sugars aka. "good sugars" from honey, maple syrup, or fruit.

It's not just white sugar that's bad though.

Brown sugar & molasses are no different. Molasses is basically "leftovers" from the processing of white sugar, and brown sugar is white sugar with molasses added back in.

Why are chemical sweeteners bad for you?

  • They are chemical, not natural
  • They are suspected to possibly cause cancer
  • Aspartame contains methanol and can be metbolized by your body into formaldehyde
  • can cause headaches/migraines
  • may affect thyroid function
None of these sound good. 
It is also possible that artificial sweeteners can cause weight gain because they can cause the body to crave more food.
 Maybe this is making you re-think the diet cola you may have drank this morning?

So what can you eat?

What can you do?

Read more in part 3.

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


~Resources can be found in Part 3

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