Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baby A's Last Shot...For now.

Before Baby A was born we decided we were going to spread out her shots. Neither Hubby or I were a fan of getting a bunch of vaccines all at once. 
We did this in effort to spare Baby A's immune system & keep her healthy.
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Today was her last shot until she is 1 year old. She is caught up with the other 9 month old babies.
I have been taking her to the Dr. every 2-3 weeks for her shots since she was born.
I am so happy that we have a 3 month break before she gets another one.
She did great with all of her shots. She is a real trooper! 

I am really happy we decided to get her vaccines that way. I personally am not even sure I believe in all vaccines, only a few of them. We covered our bases by getting them, but we spread them out so her body could properly deal with each individual vaccine. 
She never spiked a fever or got sick from her vaccines. I believe this is partly due to spacing them out.

While our system isn't for everyone, I am really happy that we made this choice for our child.

I don't believe in the chicken pox or flu vaccines, so those are 2 vaccines Baby A ( and I) won't be getting.

Do you do delayed vaccines?
Do you skip vaccines?
Do you follow the CDC schedule for vaccines?

CDC schedule from wikipedia's website.

What's  your story?

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


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