Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1 Year of Home Cooked Meals!!

It has been officially 1 year since I ate out at all. The last time I ate out at a restaurant was Oct. 10, 2011 to celebrate Hubby's birthday!
I was so pregnant with Baby A that I could not cook, and Hubby deserved a break from cooking for me!

I am really proud of this. With the exception of eating stir fry at a friend's house, Hubby and I have cooked, made, assembled, packed, every meal I have eaten in the past year!
Hubby has only eaten out for work or celebration with friends 1 or 2 times in the past year.

What an accomplishment. I am proud of this because this means that we have truly nourished our bodies. We only eat clean food at home, and since we are only eating at home, we are eating what is best for our bodies. This is wonderful to me. I love that we know every ingredient in our food, and treat our bodies with the respect they deserve!

Happy 1 year of home cooked meals to me!! 

How long can YOU go without eating out?

Be Happy Healthy Strong,



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  2. I bow down to you and your strength not to eat out. Congratulations.