Monday, November 5, 2012

Ask Me Monday! #11

"What are your thoughts on introducing baby food at 4 months old, and do you make your own baby food? If you buy store bought what kind?"

Our children are so important, so what we feed them is just as important.
 Babies have immature guts and lack certain bacterias to properly digest food at a young age.

I made the mistake of listening to my doctor when introducing baby food to Baby A. The doctor wanted to introduced baby food to her at 4 months.  She was not ready at 4 months old.
After a couple weeks of making her pureed food at home, I went back to breastfeeding her exclusively.
Hubby and I re-introduced baby food at 10 months and it was a whole different experience. She currently at 11 1/2 months old eats baby food twice a day and drinks breastmilk for the rest. She is not ready for full solids yet. However, when she seems ready then we will introduce more.
I make all her baby food at home. This way I can ensure that she is getting clean, organic baby food without added ingredients.

I do not know which brands of baby food are good, however if you buy it go for organic and read the labels. You want pure, clean food for your baby. If it has additives, skip it. Babies are surrounded by too many chemicals, they don't need to eat chemicals too.

As a parent we need to make informed choices regarding our own children, every baby is different.

Be Happy Healthy and Strong,

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