Tuesday, March 26, 2013

An Easter Without Candy :) {With Linky}

not my photo, image googled from around the web.
We are having an Easter without store bought candy. 
Kids get enough candy on Halloween to last them a lifetime, and then Christmas rolls around, and Valentine's Day, then Easter....

My question to you is....
Do your kids REALLY need all that candy?

The honest answer is NO.

So what do you do if you don't give your kids candy for Easter?

  • Make dinner time special. Let the kids help plan a special Easter dinner.
  • Fill their Easter baskets with toys or educational items or things they need ( or skip the basket all together).
  • Have a coloring fest with your childen. Print out these pages here.
  • If it is nice outside where you live, do an Easter egg hunt, but don't fill  with candy....fill the eggs with point values that they can redeem for little prizes ( stuffed animals, key chains, etc).
  • Have them give back. Give away previous years Easter bunnies to a charity or family in need. Or shop for new ones the share with those in need. There are children who would love to have what your kids have, even just once in their lives.
  • If you must have candy, make it at home .....without sugar. I will post a recipe on here this week for you and link it to this post.
  • Hardboil and dye Easter eggs with your kids, pick natural dye options for an extra eco friendly Easter.
Mostly, make sure to spend quality time with your kids on Easter.

What are we doing for Baby A?

I am making her my special home made peanut butter cups that are 100% clean. She will only get 2 ( they are made in ice cube trays).

We are getting her a stuffed bunny. We also got her a toy that she really wants.

We skipped buying the extra basket ( it only goes in the trash any way). Try instead setting up a display table for your childrens Easter gifts, without the baskets.

We also printed out the free Easter Bunny letter. Please see this post for the link.

What are you doing for Easter?

How are you keeping your Easter healthy?

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


Are you a blogger who wrote a post on Easter without Candy?
Not a blogger, but saw an awesome candy free Easter post...Link up above~!


  1. We are going candy free too! Our big special event is the National Kite Festival the day before Easter. I am also going basket free! I am going to set up our Easter train, the gifts that we got them, and use the "grass" from the subscription boxes to make it cute! I am not a decorate in advance type person so I will do this the night before. I am pretty sure some of the Easter Bunny's tail will get caught in the door again. I will dig up a picture!


    1. Brandy, that is awesome! I love that you are going to the kite festival! I am not a decorate in advance person either lol, I do things the night before too. LOL on the Easter Bunny, would love to see it! Thanks for linking up! Please feel free to link up any other posts relating to candy free Easter and spread the word ;) Love your blog, I will be subbing!

  2. Great ideas!! I think I'm burnt out on candy for every holiday. This year I decided to do a No-Spending Challenge for the month, so we decided to forgo buying the girls anything for Easter. Instead, we're going to a local Easter egg hunt, then church and brunch with family on Easter.

    1. I think that is even more wonderful! We all have enough "stuff" as it is, and spend needless money every year. A no spending challenge sounds like a great idea! Enjoy the egg hunt, church, and brunch!

  3. Thanks for inviting me over! Some fun ideas here!

    1. thank you for stopping by! glad you found some fun ideas :)

  4. All linked up ... thank you for inviting me :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo