Monday, August 25, 2014

MIA....again....but I'm back!

I am so sorry to leave you all hanging around. Hopefully some of you still read my blog after such a long break.
I know I promised a sunscreen recipe and I will definitely post it, just unfortunately summer is basically over 😕.
I have been extremely busy getting ready for Baby B and finishing up school that I just have not had the time to post really at all.
Baby A who is not such a Baby any more is almost potty trained! She has been making huge strides after a setback a while ago. She has been potty training since mid-May and will be 3 in November of this year! 👍
Since she isn't such a Baby anymore, I will be referring to her as Princess A  or Princess from now on. I cannot believe she is growing up so fast!!
I am currently 35 1/2 weeks pregnant with   Baby B. I have been keeping up with weight training and adding in cardio and yoga through out the week. I have slowed down on the cardio though as my big belly makes it hard to go very fast   without getting winded. I am squatting 50 lbs and rowing with 25 lb dumbbells, as well as bicep curling 15 lb dumbbells. This is much lighter than what I was doing before Baby B, but I am so pleased to still be lifting heavier while pregnant, especially this close to my due date! 😃
We still have a ton of work to do before Baby B gets here. We will be washing a lot of clothes, cloth diapers, etc. i also have to pack birth center bag and prep some meals. We couldn't be more excited though. 
I am pleased to announce that with everything going on, I turned in my Master Project for school!! I am very happy to have a break, and hoping to hear soon that I got my Master Trainer Certification, this would make  a wonderful year even better!
I am hoping to post on the blog more, so I hope you will stop by again! 😋
What is new with you? I would love to hear from my amazing friends and readers.
Here's a belly pic I promised. 

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,

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