Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekend Ramblings.....

It's amazing how fast time flies. Hubby and I are rushing around trying to get things ready for Baby A.
We have had a plan from the beginning and followed checklists the whole pregnancy to keep things going on schedule, so that we can be ready when Baby A arrives.
It gets difficult to stay on schedule though when things arrive broken in the the changing table. Now we are waiting on new parts for the changing table...which can take up to 2 weeks. 2 weeks is a long time when you are 37 weeks along.
Thank goodness though my hospital bags are mostly packed, and the crib is put together.
We are still waiting on the glider, but that should be in soon. 
However, Baby A has started to show signs of wanting to come out early....which could then throw all checklists out the window.

But that's okay. Sometimes life has other plans. And we can't predict every situation.
Hopefully the nursery is completely ready in time, but if not, well it will be done as soon as we can get the changing table & glider taken care of. 

Did you have issues when getting the nursery put together?
Did your baby arrive early and throw your check lists out the window?
What's your story?



  1. My babies have stayed in the womb as long as possible! So with the first, for at least 2 weeks everything was just waiting! Hope you get the changing table and glider taken care of!

  2. @Conn Family- I bet it was nice having 2 weeks to rest before though :) Thanks so much! Glider is put together now :) But waiting on changing table parts still...crossing fingers that it comes in, in time.