Thursday, November 17, 2011

Baby A will be here soon!

I cannot believe that 39 weeks have flown by so quickly! Baby A will be here soon!
We finished our checklist and the nursery is ready! Complete with a really cool Dali Decal! 

Here's the decal we chose ( obviously personalized with Baby A's name instead of Grace):

We cannot wait for Baby A to be here. Just in time for the holiday season, what could make the season any brighter than becoming parents for the first time?!

What's new with you? Is there anything you are looking forward to this holiday season?

I love to hear from my readers.



  1. Oh, wow! Almost here! So excited for you! Enjoy these last days of kicks and punches inside you. I love having my baby out with me, but I am looking forward to feeling that again.

  2. @sensibly green- thank you so much! i love that she moves around so much, i will definitely miss that! i cannot wait to hold her in my arms though :)