Monday, February 27, 2012

Celiac Disease vs. Gluten Intolerance

The other day I ran across a woman, and somehow we ended up on the topic of Celiac Disease. 
Then the conversation got frustrating and annoying to me.
She said she had a friend who had Celiac Disease who could occasionally eat a slice of pizza or whatever she wanted without getting sick.

That's not Celiac Disease. Her friend was going around telling people she had something that she obviously knew NOTHING about. This makes it harder for people who actually DO have Celiac Disease to be taken seriously. 
A person with Celiac Disease cannot eat gluten without getting sick or without damaging their intestines. 
As someone with severe Celiac Disease , I often get frustrated with people not understanding that I cannot have even a speck of gluten. If someone cuts my gluten free pizza with the same pizza cutter they used on a regular pizza, I get sick. It's nothing to mess with.

Now there is something called gluten intolerance which is different than Celiac Disease, which is probably (I am not a Dr.) what her friend had. 

Do you have Celiac Disease? 
What do people say or do regarding Celiac Disease, that bothers you?

Here are some links with information on Celiac Disease if you would like to know more:


Disclaimer: I am not a Dr. these are all just my personal opinions from my life experiences. If you think you may have Celiac Disease, please talk to your Dr. I am not trying to diagnose or treat any diseases, only sharing my personal opinions on a topic.

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