Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Do you cloth diaper?

How many people do you know who use cloth diapers?

I was shocked when we took Baby A to the Dr.'s and a woman who worked there said she had only seen 2 people who did cloth diapers.....EVER! Us and one other family. I was shocked. You would think that when working with babies all day that she would have seen more than 2 people in her entire career who did cloth!

Then I got to thinking....I didn't know a single person at all who did cloth before I cloth diapered Baby A! I relied on blogs and websites for my cloth diaper information.

I understand that people seem to like disposables for their ease of use and for the length of time the child can wear the diaper. However, how many diapers do we really need to add to the landfill that won't biodegrade? And does your child really need to wear their diaper that long...I mean, why leave them sit in their mess....and do they realize that the "dryness" their child feels is the result of chemicals and gel?

I love cloth diapers! In Baby A's first 2 months of life, they have already contained numerous blow outs and she has a rash free bottom! The small diaper rash she did get earlier on, was from antibiotics I was on and it cleared right up!

My questions for you all today:

Why do you think people got away from cloth diapers?
If you don't do cloth diapers, then why not?
Do you know other people personally who do cloth diapers?


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