Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What To Pack For The Hospital.

I planned ( and successfully had ) a 100% natural & med free birth with Baby A. My list for the hospital reflects that.

Hopefully this  helps some soon to be mommies!

Here's my list:
  1. Copies of my birth plan
  2. Birthing ball & air pump
  3. Onesies for Baby A
  4. Diaper Covers & Inserts
  5. Wet bag
  6. Pads ( most hospitals provide these too )
  7. Nightgowns (2)
  8. Take home outfit for Baby A
  9. Make up 
  10. Shampoo/Conditioner
  11. Bodywash
  12. Vitamins
  13. Gluten Free Food ( our hospital didn't cater to the gluten free allergies of mine so I had to pack all my own food )
  14. Coconut Oil ( instead of Lanolin for breastfeeding)
  15. What To Expect & Hypnobirthing books
  16. Carseat
  17. Nursing Pillow
  18. Breast pump ( the lactation consultant showed me how to use it!)
  19. My going home outfit
  20. Hubby's clothes
  21. Baby bath stuff
  22. Baby grooming kit
  23. Tennis balls for labor 
  24. Back massager for labor
  25. Nursing pads
  26. Underwear/ Nursing bras
  27. Camera
  28. Baby Journal 
  29. Full water bottle for car ride to hospital


  1. Congratulations! I insisted on a natural birth too for my second child. I refused to let the doctors scare me into another c-section

    Very good list.

  2. Thanks for the list! I already had a lot of this but it reminded me of a few more items to throw in the bag. :)