Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For The Beauty of The Earth (Pinterest Post)

I apologize for my lack of posting yesterday! The past several days have been very busy!

Here's the normal "Pinterest Monday" post. 


Happy Tuesday!

In Honor of Earth Day since I wasn't able to post!

Although we celebrated!

How did you celebrate earth day?

Every day is Earth Day here at our house, we do as many things as we can to help the planet. Making conscious decisions to make sure we take care of our bodies, and the earth is important to us. From cloth diapering, to buying organic, we really put an effort in. On Earth Day we changed our toothpaste to a natural one, one of the very few things we haven't done yet.
Next on our list? To plant a balcony garden.


Source: google.it via Cluti on Pinterest

Source: google.cl via Matías on Pinterest

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