Monday, August 27, 2012


This weeks question was a tough one to answer! I actually have gotten this question in several forms.

" Is it easier/ harder to eat healthy while gluten free/ dairy free?"

This is a kind of tough question for the fact it is a little harder and a little easier, it depends on what meal I have planned, etc.

If I were to have just gone gluten free dairy free, and kept all of my old eating habits, then I would have gained more weight being gluten free, than not being gluten free. There are gluten free sandwich buns, cupcakes, desserts, etc!
Fortunately, I had decided to become healthy BEFORE I found out I had issues with gluten and dairy.  If I have bread it is gluten free and I make it myself at home, and it is a very very rare occasion.
I don't eat junk food and avoid pre-made foods. This takes just as much effort for me as it would for anyone else who wanted to eat a clean diet, sometimes more. 

However, I do believe my mindset is different because of having allergies.
I am more willing to give up foods that are bad for me,   ( like sugar and junk food) than maybe someone without allergies because I have already given up a lot of other foods due to Celiac.

I would say I am not much different than any other healthy person without allergies, I just have more limited options when it comes to grocery shopping.

I hope that this helps to answer your question!
Be Happy Healthy & Strong!

Please keep the questions coming! Next week I will be answering another question on my blog! 

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These are my personal opinions and are not intended as advice of any kind.Please consult your Dr. before starting any diet or exercise.

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