Monday, August 6, 2012

Healthy Teeth Series: Fluoride is a No-Go.

I have always had sensitive teeth, but they were becoming more and more sensitive and brittle over the years.
I had my suspicions that my toothpaste was causing an issue. I used a major brand recommended by many dentists, but every time I brushed my teeth were more sensitive right after. I even had tooth pain.

This is why I don't use conventional toothpaste. 
I switched to a natural toothpaste with no fluoride. My teeth feel stronger, they don't feel sensitive after I brush & I don't have tooth pain anymore. My teeth aren't breaking. 

I did some research on fluoride and discovered that it isn't for me. I truly hope one day when I own a house, that we will have a whole house filter to rid our water system of fluoride as well.

I feel that it is that harmful. This is just my opinion & I am no expert, but I do know what does and does not feel good, and well, I have to say that fluoride free feels good to me :) 

I read a few articles that I will list as resources at the bottom, but the summary of what I  have learned is this:

  • Fluoride is poisonous
  • Fluoride doesn't prevent tooth decay
  • Fluoride can discolor your teeth
  • Fluoride dosage cannot be controlled person to person
  • Fluoride can accumulate in a person's body
  • Dental Fluorosis is not pretty (go here to learn more)
  • It can affect your hip bones
  • Fluoride has been associated with IQ "deficits" in children

Research for yourself:
Be sure to come back for the next installment in the Healthy Teeth series!!!!!!!!!

Be Happy Healthy & Strong!

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