Friday, August 24, 2012

Sleep Training Your Baby With Compassion.

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Our daughter has been a snuggly baby since she was born. She wants to be with mom and dad at all times. 
She is not fond of sleeping in her own bed. Or having a bedtime. 

When she was first born and until this past Monday we practiced safe co-sleeping with our daughter. This gave her the security that she needed and us the valuable sleep that we needed. 

We tried unsuccessfully a few times to set a bed  time and to get her into her crib, yet still she slept bedside our bed in her little portable bed.

She turned 9 months old this past Wednesday. Knowing before that, that she would be 9 months old soon, we decided that Monday would be a  good day to sleep train her.

I am not fond of the word train. I am not fond of the word schedule. But what else do you call it?

I don't schedule our days out. Only the wake up times and bed times are being scheduled. This gives flexibility in our schedule through the day. 

So far things are going well. We don't believe in the "cry it out" method. I find that heartbreaking and cruel. It works for some, but not for me.  We believe in compassion and raising with gentleness in our home. 

So how are we finally getting her  to sleep in her own bed?

1. We started a routine with Baby A, every night at the same time, we feed her, change her, then read her a story. Then lights out. 

2. If she cries we soothe her by talking to her or holding her hand ( or both).
3. If soothing doesn't work, we ( mostly hubby because he is better at this!) rock her for a short time until she calms down, and then put her back in her bed.
4. She brings Sophie the giraffe to bed with her most nights. Other nights its another loved toy. 
5. We play her sound machine.
6. I wake her up at the same time every morning after Hubby leaves for work.

Most nights this week have gone wonderfully! 
Although the past 2 nights she woke up multiple times, and I didn't get any sleep.

She has a tendency to fight sleep so it is something that will take some time, but soon she will be sleeping soundly through the night in her crib.

The baby that once used to never nap during the day time takes a nap around 10 am almost every morning so far ( only 1 morning did we have an issue, but the garbage truck came late & woke her up :( ) .

How long did it take you to sleep "train" your baby?
How long did you co-sleep if at all?
What were great sleeping strategies that you used?

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


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