Friday, October 12, 2012

Have a Healthy Halloween!

Halloween is known for it's trick or treating, costumes, and tons and tons of candy.

Candy is the only problem I have with this picture.

It seems as though every holiday has become a reason to give candy to children. While candy is tasty, it is not good for them. With the health issues and obesity in America rising, I think that we all could do with less candy.

How do you have a Healthy Halloween?

If you are the one who normally gives out candy, try giving these out instead:

  • Little Boxes of Mini Raisins: They are still sweet, but they are dried fruit!
  • Tiny flashlights*
  • Halloween Stickers*
  •  HalloweenToys*
  • 100% Juice Juice Boxes
*A lot of discount stores and party stores have mini toys and party favors that are inexpensive and can be passed out instead of candy.

If you are a parent taking your kid trick or treating:

  • Take your child trick or treating, but teach them that trick or treating is about the fun, not the candy.
  • When you get home from trick or treating, have some healthy homemade treats for your kids! (Need some ideas? I'll post some links at the bottom of this post.)
  • If you feel you must give your child candy, opt for the organic dye free candies, but please do limit them as  they still contain some sugar. 
  • If you really are lazy at the whole healthy gig, then at least limit what your child has to 2-3 pieces of candy, then throw the rest out. Don't eat it, just throw it away. No one needs that much candy.
Here are some links on ideas and treats for a healthy halloween!

I don't agree with everything in these lists, but they are a start. Scroll through and see what works for your family.

Keep Halloween FUN and SAFE this year!
Be Happy Healthy and Strong,


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