Monday, October 15, 2012


I got this question from a new mama.

"What is your favorite place to buy Baby A clothes?...Nothing too pricey!"

I love this question! Truth is, you can find a ton of great baby clothes with out breaking the bank.

Babies grow out of their clothes so quickly, that I can hardly justify spending a fortune.

I love Once Upon A Child. It is an amazing store. People can sell their gently used baby items, and buy gently used baby items as well. We bought a lot of Baby A's clothes there, and her swing too! We even found a couple of brand new outfits for Baby A there also!

Whenever we don't find what we need there, we go to Burlington Coat Factory, there is a ton of nice stuff there too! 

Last on our list is Target, I love when they have sales! It's an easy place for us to shop as we buy baby wash and her shampoo there, so we usually browse while in the store.

Another wonderful thing when Baby A was born was hand-me-downs from her cousin! It was really wonderful the first 3 months having been loaned clothes so we didn't have to buy so many.

My favorite part about hand-me-downs and re-sale shops, are that they are great for the environment & there are less chemical pesicides on the clothing as they have already been washed at least a few times.

I hope this helps!
Can some of my readers help her out? Where are some of YOUR favorite places to get baby clothes?

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