Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New BeachBody Workouts To Be Released!

As some one who loved ChaLean Extreme work outs, and is familiar with P90X. I was pleased to find out that BeachBody is coming out with 3 more work out series!

Although I have not had a chance to try them, I am very excited to share this information with my readers.

3 new work outs are set to be released soon! 

The 3 workouts are (click on titles to view more):

The Asylum 2 looks really interesting to me as it is based on mostly sports drills! 

Les Mills combat incorporates various martial arts styles and intervals to create it's body sculpting work outs!

 Brazil Butt Lift Master Series takes the Brazilian Butt Lift up a notch, so all you Brazilian Butt Lift ladies, can move up to the advanced level once you have mastered the original Butt Lift series!

Beach Body has always had great fitness DVD's, and I am pretty sure these will be no exception. I look forward to seeing these workouts when they are available!

Be sure to click on the titles to view the links to the Beachbody website! There you can view the preview videos, and sign up to make sure that you are notified when they are released! You don't want to miss out!

Check out today.

What Beach Body DVD's have you tried?

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*This is a sponsored post written strictly by the links provided to me by Beach Body. I have only viewed previews and descriptions of these products. I received no products or compensation for my "review". I have not tried these products. I wrote my honest opinion on what I read and saw in the previews. Photos are not mine and are from, used with permission.*

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  1. my friend Vodka and Soda was sent these, so i can't wait to see her review! following you now!