Wednesday, October 24, 2012

(P)Interesting....Interesting Pinterest Picks!

(P)Interesting posts are posts that I am starting about what I liked on pinterest this week....interesting things on pinterest.


Anyway, I hope you all like it.
 I will be posting these occasionally, just look for the (P)Interesting icon at the top of the post!

I started this because I have been seeing so many things on pinterest that I just had to share!


This wreath is absolutely adorable, I think that it would be so fun to make.
Has anyone made one of these? Was it easy?

I love this room. Very simple and clean with all of the white and the angled ceiling.
I would choose different decor though as I don't like the rug in the picture.

Yum! I never thought of stuffing an onion! Hubby and I eat stuffed peppers and stuffed eggplant, but not onion. I must make a healthy version of this. I love eating red and purple onions!

These little planters are too cute! I could even see making silver or gold ones for the holiday season, or even shiny black ones. Bronze would be nice too. These copper planters have such a unique look!

This is just really fun! 

I MUST make a dress like this for Baby A! It is the most  adorable pillow case dress I have  ever seen! New project!

I hope you all enjoyed my first (P)Interesting post! What have you found on pinterest lately? Do you like any of these picks?

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  1. These are really cool finds. The light bulb on confuses me though. Do you make them or are they for sale?

  2. You make them with a doily and spray paint :)